How we make sure you receive our 100% freshness and quality assurance…

FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £45 * We are no longer accepting orders for Christmas! Thank you so much*



The order cut-off moment is every Wednesday at 10.00 AM. DHL aims to deliver your package the next day.

To qualify for free shipping the minimum spend is £ 45.
( We only ship to mainland UK )
Unfortunately we cannot withhold your orders, once your order has been placed, it will be dispatched on our weekly shipping round.

Step 1

It all begins with a beautifully strong and recyclable box, which we fill up with the finest straw to ensure your delivery is protected and temperature sealed for quality and freshness.


Step 2

Where then afterwards we add an ice-pack (which are reusable). They will keep the temperature controlled and fresh for when it arrives at your door.

Step 3

Now we add your selection of amazing cheeses, all vacuum packed and sealed.

Step 4

The last and most important step, is our delivery to you. Here we make sure everything is in tip top shape before DHL take over.