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You might be curious about how we garnish your cheese cake. Your ideal tiered cheese cake can be made and customized to meet your preferences.
Cheese for a wedding reception may truly bring a distinct mark to your day and tie in with your wedding's style while also incorporating your wedding's theme and style. For instance, we may add raffia to your cheese cake for a rustic feel if your wedding is in a more understated environment.If you'd like to use flowers, we'll take into account the colors and make sure they're safe. There are numerous other flower possibilities, but the most common ones for wedding cakes include roses, primroses, violets, hibiscus, daisies, lavender, pansies, and chrysanthemums. We can choose seasonal decorations; We may even match your wedding cake to the time of year. For instance, fruit and berries are fantastic in the summer and nuts and plums are great in the winter.

Visit our FAQs page or feel free to Contact us if you have any additional questions about our cheese products. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Big Cheese Company

A consultation is advised before placing an order and beginning the cheese wedding cake's creation, which should be done at least a month or two weeks in advance.

You can visit us in person or we can send samples so they can try the cheeses and talk about their color scheme. Because cheeses come in a variety of weights, sizes, and flavors, the cost of the cheese cake, as well as its decorations and accessories, depends on the level of attention to detail that is put into each element.

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