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Discount Codes

Discount codes are NOT applicable to alcohol items. To qualify for free shipping, the order must be minimum £45 including the discount.

How long does the delivery take?

We take orders all week up until Wednesday 10:00am. We prepare all your packages every Wednesday and use DHL’s next day delivery service. This means that you can get that ultimate speedy delivery as promised!

Can I only pay with PayPal?

You can pay with any major bank card and PayPal.

Why are my cheeses not the same weight as ordered?

As we cut all our cheeses by hand there can be a 10% margin between the weight ordered for every cheese, but the total weight of all the cheeses will be the amount ordered or above the total weight.

How do you make sure that the products arrive fresh?

We freshly cut your cheese and vacuum pack it for optimum freshness and quality. Once vacuum packed the cheese can be stored for 8-10 weeks. As well as this, the cheese will be delivered to you with an enclosed cool pack so that you don’t lose out on our quality guarantee!

*Cool pack subject to season.


If you are interested in wholesale quantities for your cheese shop, restaurant, market or catering service, please contact us directly and we can give you a personalised price list. Contact information can be found at the top of the page under “Contact”.

How long does the cheese last?

Once opened the countdown begins! You will have 3-4 weeks to enjoy the cheeses. We will include special wax paper, which you can use to repackage your cheese for long lasting freshness.

What do I do if my products are damaged?

Please send us an email with a photograph attached and we will ensure that it is dealt with accordingly.

What if I need to return a product?

If your items are faulty, we are more than happy to replace your product free of charge. Replacements are only accepted if the products are faulty, which is why we would require a picture of the unopened package within 48 hours of the receipt.

Can I visit the store?

Yes of course! We are located at the Valley Shopping centre, Unit D, WR11 4DS. We are open from Wednesday to Sunday. Wednesday-Saturday we are open between 10am-5pm and Sunday between 10:30am-4:30pm.

Product Information

What does unpasteurised mean?

The cheese is made using unpasteurised (raw milk). It often gives the cheese a better flavour and some cheeses can only be made from unpasteurised milk due to the process it is made in.

Are there any cheeses pregnant woman should avoid?

The chief medical officer suggests you avoid all soft and blue cheeses (whether pasteurised or unpasteurised) and all other cheeses made with unpasteurised milk.

What cheese is suitable for vegetarians?

The microbial rennet which starts the cheese making process is made from a plant extract so is acceptable for vegetarians. The cheese will taste no different to any made using animal rennet. Most of our Basiron range is vegetarian. Please give us a call and we will help you through the order process.