Stolwijk Farmhouse Gouda Medium Matured


"Indulge in the sumptuous creaminess of our Mature Stolwijk Farm Cheese—a cheese that caters to every palate with its slightly spicy notes and authentic farm cheese essence. Handcrafted on local cheese farms nestled near the idyllic South Holland village of Stolwijk, each wheel of our cheese captures the essence of Dutch tradition and flavor.

A Taste of Tradition and Excellence: With every bite, savor the rich legacy of Stolwijk as we blend age-old cheesemaking expertise with modern craftsmanship, resulting in an award-winning flavor that's both timeless and exceptional.

Farm-Fresh Goodness: Our Medium Mature Stolwijk Farm Cheese is a testament to our commitment to quality and the freshest ingredients. It embodies the essence of Dutch countryside life, inviting you to partake in a truly authentic cheese experience."

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