Grass Cheese - Graskaas

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Graskaas, a unique cheese, is crafted exclusively once a year. As the winter gives way to spring, the lush grass of the Beemster Polder emerges, enticing our cows to frolic, leap, and graze with delight. It is during this vibrant season that we collect the first milking, brimming with the richest, creamiest, and sweetest flavors of the year. Graskaas embodies the essence of spring, capturing the freshness, sweetness, and joy that permeates the air.

Experience the essence of spring with Graskaas cheese. This exceptional cheese is crafted from the first milking of the season, capturing the rich, creamy, and sweet flavors of the freshest spring grass. Indulge in the unique taste that embodies the joyful spirit of springtime.

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