Salami- Duck with pepper


Dried duck sausage with green pepper

Dried sausage with duck and green pepper - Saucisson canard et poivre Verde A mix
between pork and duck meat enriched with green peppers. The green peppercorns give the
sausage a small bite!


Composition French sausage
All dry sausages are made on the basis of pork, The sausages are filled manually
and are encased in a natural pig intestine. As a result, the outside can also be
eaten. Then the dry sausages go to a ripening room for 3-5 days. Finally, the
sausages move to a large cell at a temperature of 16-20 degrees, where they
hang for about 6 weeks to dry.

Mould on the sausage:
There may be a layer of green, mould on the sausage. This fungus can do no
harm and can simply be eaten. The fungus ensures the shelf life of the product.
Shelf life of the dry sausages:
Outside the refrigerator, the dry sausages have a shelf life of two months.
After opening please keep refrigerated

The sausages do not contain harmful fragrances, colours and flavours. All dry sausages do
not contain gluten, except for the fried onion. These do contain gluten. The dried sausages
contain lactose. There may also be traces of nuts in all French sausages.



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